Car Perfume / Car Air Freshener

FRAGRANCE – Credence inspired by Creed aftershave.

Clean, Fresh scent

Scent notes - Blackcurrant, Bergamot, Apples, Birch

DESCRIPTION – Car perfume/air freshener, high quality, long lasting and highly scented

We use an odour eliminator base which ensures a good scent throw

Our products are made using the finest ingredients , a high percentage of fragrance oil and all are made in the UK

Our car perfumes also come beautifully packaged in a matt black plastic pouch bearing the hillbrow manor logo in luxurious metallic silver or rose gold make them perfect to be given as gifts

INSTRUCTIONS – *WARNING* (fragrance oil can damage surfaces carry out the following steps wearing rubber gloves and over a sink)

Remove lid, remove plastic cap, replace lid, turn upside for a few 3-5 seconds to allow some of the scent to soak into the lid enabling it to release its fragrance

Once the fragrance starts to fade tip upside down for a few seconds to replenish the scent (hold a tissue underneath whilst doing this to avoid any spillages)

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