To ensure you get the best out of your beautiful candle simply follow the guidelines shown below

* Light your candle in a well ventilated room away from draughts, draughts can cause sooting (black marks on jar) or rapid uneven burning, if sooting occurs then extinguish the candle, once cooled trim the wick, wipe away any black soot with a soft cloth then relight.

* Do not leave your candles unattended when lit

* Keep away from children and pets and place candle on heat resistant level surface

*Use a snuffer to extinguish to avoid wick damage or smoke 

*If your candle flickers or the flame becomes to large , extinguish, cool and trim the wick before re-lighting 

*First time of lighting your candle it's important to keep it lit until the whole surface of the candle is liquid this is to ensure that in future your candle will burn evenly

*After initial lighting try to burn your candle for a minimum of 45 minutes each burn but try not to exceed a burn time of 3 hours 

* Store your candle in a cool dry place and cover it with it's lid, this will protect the wax from dust

* If condensation appear on your candle wipe away with a paper towel before lighting