Here at Hillbrow Manor we are all about quality all of our candles are 100% Soy wax, all hand poured and created with love an attention.

All of our candles have a fragrance content of 10% compared to most on the market which only contain between 3-5%. Our high fragrance content promises an excellent cold and hot scent throw ensuring your room will be enveloped by its beautiful smell.

Hillbrow Manor was born because I have always loved products that make my home smell beautifully but so often I have been disappointed by the scent throw given from these products or the poor burn quality.

This set me along the road of research into candles and soon I had started creating products for myself which soon led to orders and requests from friends and family resulting in more and more of my time being surrounded by wax, wicks and delicious smells which ultimately cemented my decision to release my creations into the world for everyone to enjoy.

Hours and hours of testing and research have resulted in a candle that burns well, looks beautiful and smells fantastic from the minute you light it until the minute it eventually extinguishes. 

We only ever use 100% soy wax which gives a lovely creamy quality to the candle and more importantly they do not emit the harmful toxins associated within paraffin candles.

Hillbrow Manor